Are Body Wraps Safe to Use Overnight?

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222Making a body wrap at home is really simple but there’s one important question you should be asking yourself – are body wraps safe? There are dozens of myths and legends that circulate about such product. While some people praise the benefits and rely on overnight body wraps every other day, others share experiences from hell.


Where does the truth hide? As usual, the answer is somewhere in the middle. While most healthy people will experience the benefits of overnight body wraps without jeopardizing their health, a small group may potentially experience side effects.


The Science behind Overnight Body Wraps

To answer the question are body wraps safe to use overnight, it is first important to get a better idea about how they work.


A body wrap consists of a paste that usually contains detoxifying and weight loss ingredients. These are absorbed by the skin, after which they cause profuse sweating and detoxification. Some body wraps are further enriched with ingredients that curb the appetite, tighten the skin and reduce the prominence of cellulite.


On top of the paste, you’ll have to apply plastic wrap and bandages. These reduce the risk of finding yourself in a messy bed in the morning. In addition, these two layers have a heating effect. They intensify sweating, which leads to the loss of even more water weight.


Because of these two combined mechanisms, overnight body wraps can be expected to produce a few inches of difference in the waistline by the morning. The results will be visible immediately after you take the layers off and clean your skin.


A Few Risks to Keep in Mind

Healthy people can have an overnight body wrap every now and then without jeopardizing their health. There are, however, a couple of risks to keep in mind before getting started with such procedures.


The body wrap may cause dehydration because it stimulates excessive sweating. Thus, if you don’t drink sufficient amounts of water on a daily basis, you could be putting yourself at risk. This is particularly true for the individuals that are already predisposed to experiencing kidney problems.


To reduce the risk of experiencing nasty dehydration side effects, it’s crucial to drink sufficient amounts of water before and after doing an overnight body wrap. The water will help you restore your body’s liquid balance.


It’s also very important to keep track of the ingredients in the formula, especially if you’re using premade wraps. Some people may experience allergic reactions to the botanicals and the plant-based ingredients included in the composition of such products. Always do a patch test to assess your tolerance for the ingredients. If you don’t experience rashes and irritation, you can use the wrap on your tummy, thighs and arms.


A final word of caution – some body wraps may contain aluminum compounds. It’s a good idea to refrain from using such products. Aluminum is found in a wide range of deodorants and anti-perspirants. Unfortunately, researchers have established a link between exposure to aluminum and an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. To stay on the safe side, opt for body wraps that are based entirely on natural and organic ingredients.


Considering the Pros and the Cons

Are body wraps safe to use overnight? The general answer is yes. The overwhelming majority of people will be free from having to deal with potential side effects. True, wraps do lead to the loss of fluid. Many people, however, find themselves getting puffy and bloated due to having too much liquid in their body.


Always look at the ingredients of body wraps to choose the best and the safest products on the market. Body wraps are not created equal. As long as you opt for high quality ingredients and no chemicals, you’ll be safe.


Finally, talk to your doctor if you still have concerns or if you experience any side effects after trying an overnight body wrap. A few basic tests will be needed to determine whether you’re suffering from a condition that makes body wraps a bad idea for you. Alternatively, a doctor will give you a better idea about the best and the safest ingredients to try in your journey towards looking slimmer and feeling more confident.

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