Homemade Body Wraps – How to Lose Weight While You Sleep

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Some promise the loss of two to three inches through the use of overnight homemade body wraps. Chances are that you’re worried about such claims and promises being far-fetched. You shouldn’t be! Mixing the right concoction and allowing it to get absorbed by your skin overnight can deliver wonderful results in the morning.


The use of an overnight homemade body wrap will help you get rid of some waist inches in your sleep. Needless to say, you need the right ingredients and you have to follow a few basic steps if you are to see results.


Choose the Right Ingredients

The most important aspect of weight loss body wrapping is choosing the right ingredients to mix together. Luckily, you can choose among numerous options.


Bentonite and white clay rank among the most important base ingredients for weight loss body wrapping. The clay extracts toxins from the skin, it purifies and helps for the elimination of water weight. No matter what other ingredients you choose to try, the clay should always be included in the recipe.


Next come the stimulants. Coffee, green tea powder and guarana are included in the composition of many commercially-made body wraps. These stimulants are also diuretics. They draw liquids from the body, give the skin a tighter appearance and reduce the prominence of cellulite.


When it comes to overcoming cellulite, seaweed can also deliver great results. On top of that, it acts as a mild exfoliant.


A few other ingredients you may want to consider include aloe vera, garciniacambogia powder, honey, apple cider vinegar, goat’s milk, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and even vitamin E. A good balance of ingredients will give you the loss of water weight, more youthful skin and a powerful antioxidant effect.


Applying the Homemade Body Wrap

How you apply the homemade body wrap is as important, as the recipe you choose to follow. Remember that the wrap will remain on your skin overnight. It should be comfortable enough to allow sleep. Refrain from wrapping yourself too tight. You will still get to see the results in the morning.


Usually, you’ll have to apply a thick layer of the slimming mixture on your skin. There’s no need to rub. Rubbing can cause irritation, making it very difficult for you to feel comfortable while the wrap is on your tummy or thighs overnight.


Next, you should wrap the area where you applied the paste with plastic cling wrap. It keeps everything in place and reduces the risk of things getting messy. In addition, the plastic has a heating effect. It speeds up the absorption of the beneficial ingredients and helps for the extraction of lymphatic fluid.


Finally, you should wrap yourself with bandages or soft towels. Once again, don’t go too tight or aggressive. You shouldn’t feel like you’re in a corset. The homemade body wrap will do its job even when you feel comfortable enough to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

A Few Additional Things to Keep in Mind

Body wrapping delivers temporary results. Remember that you’re losing water weight and not fat. You will wake up and notice the inch difference in your waist. The result, however, will be retained solely for a couple of days.


The detox benefits are much more prominent. Getting rid of the numerous toxins that our body is exposed to on a daily basis is hugely important. The natural ingredients in weight loss wraps can help you accomplish the goal. Regular use of homemade body wraps reduces the risk of toxic buildup, which will ultimately improve your health.


Finally, remember that you are losing water while using a body wrap during the night. Dehydration can be dangerous, especially if you do wrapping frequently and you don’t drink enough water. Remember to get your H2O after doing the overnight slimming wrap. Drinking sufficient amounts of water will help you feel good, plus it will enhance the elimination of toxins from your system.



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