Butt Lift Underwear

$39.99 $12.99

  • Instantly get a butt lift!
  • Wear Under Anything – Seemless, Sexy and invisible
  • Not only does it lift your butt but provides tummy control!
  • These stretchy butt lift underwear provide a sexy lift to you behind
  • These quality HrGlassTraining branded butt lifters are premium booty shorts made of high quality material
  • UPC# 635797717352

Is it time to perk the sagging bottom up? If you need an instant lift consider trying butt lifters. They work miracles right away. The HrGlass Butt Lifter Panties are both comfortable and functional. They immediately tighten and lift the butt to reflect a more youthful and toned area. The HrGlass Butt Lifter Panties are the most popular choice in shapewear. The lifter provides tummy and waist control while still being extremely comfortable to wear.

After having a baby sometimes areas are not the same as they used to be. The lifter provides support for those areas. The shapewear is seamless able to be worn with anything without being noticeable. You will be able to show off your jeans, tight skirts and yoga pants with a sexy, feminine curved bottom.

HrGlass Butt Lifter Panties are made from 85% nylon and 15% spandex that make them form fitting while still being breathable.  They will be different from any other panties or shapewear you have worn before. The noticeable perk in the butt and the tummy control will have you delighted in your appearance. While the holes where your butt cheeks peek out might seem unfamiliar, you will immediately get used how comfortable these boy shorts are. Problematic areas are gone instantly! This is well-fitted multi-functional shapewear.

HrGlass Butt Lifter Panties are meant to take your body to the next level. Shapewear is designed to recreate the body and offer support.

  • Seamless, Sexy, comfortable and invisible
  • Enjoy your beautiful curve at anytime
  • Provides abdomen and waist control
  • Can wear underneath any type of clothing

This amazing butt lifter is so lightweight; it slips through your hands. These shorts are worth a shot if you want to shape your derriere without hiding it. Like a bra, it lifts and separates your cheeks to showcase a full bottom, but it also flattens your stomach and smoothes out those love handles.


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