Latex Waist Trainer

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  • Colombian Design gives you attractive curves
  • Latex waist training corset enhances your workouts
  • 3 strong hook design shrinks your waist up to two sizes instantly
  • See immediate results! With our premium latex waist training corset you can reduce 2 dress sizes instantly!
  • 100% latex outer with 100% premium cotton inside with steel non-pinching bones ensures comfortable wearing for hours
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HrGlass Steel Boned Waist Training Corset


Are you ready for another fabulous HrGlass waist training corset? If you are running after the perfect hourglass silhouette, then dig those heels in right here.

HrGlass has done it again, with yet another show-stopper waist training corset which truly gives you those smooth, silky lines. Take your confidence up at least three notches when you see how thin and curvy you look in the mirror wearing the absolute finest waist training bodice on the market.

We created it with YOUR body in mind. We want you to walk like a queen, feel like a ruler, and own that prowess in you. This HrGlass steel boned waist trainer is the only tool you need to slip into that desirable hourglass silhouette. You are going to fall in love with your body all over again.

There are other benefits to this wonder corset:latex9

  • Posture Support: The positioning of the boning rods keep the garment in place and deter you from slouching your back
  • Postpartum Recovery: This shapewear is firm enough to hold the tummy tissue in after baby, but still remains flexible and stretchy for ease of movements.
  • Bust Lift: It provides additional push up effect for the bust area
  • HrGlass waist training corsets are made to provide just enough pressure to create the hourglass silhouette in an instant without worrying about health concerns.

And because we believe in the ‘Authentic Woman’, our finest materials and construction is designed into our products to keep them (and you) as authentic as ever.

Product Information

  • Fashionably Priced:
  • Latex
  • Imported
  • Will accept most returns
  • Size Chart provided, and accurate*
  • Two Flexible boning rods are added in front and in the back of the corset to keep the waist trainer in place. The rods are made flexible to provide comfort and let the body have free movement
  • 3 rows of hooks for adjusting the size for shrinking the midsection
  • Longer in the torso to create those much wanted slimming lines throughout the lower back and the lower abdomen.

Reach out for this amazing waist training corset while supplies last. HrGlass waist training is available for any concerns or questions you may have about our fine bodices and shapewear.

Our HrGlass Construction Features:

latex0A superior product made with 100% Latex Outside/ Cotton Inside. We want you to be comfortable and be able to enjoy your journey to a smaller waist. We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to comfort.

Forget those lousy temporary clasps which seem to break after the first or second time you wear it.  Our Clasp is firmly processed and square shaped to withstand a 10 kg pull test. You won’t have any worries about falling out of your bodice, or frustratingly trying to get into it

Non-Pinch Spiral Steel Bones are the only way to wear a corset these days. There is no rolling up of the garment, no pinching of the skin when you stand up or sit down. There is much flexibility for movement. That’s right, you go on and dance girl.

latex11If you are ever unsatisfied, we will take care of the problem right away.

Welcome to HrGlass, where we believe in authentic garments for the authentic woman.

We want to hear from you, send you comments, any tips, and of course, your before and after star shots of our fabulous waist trainer corset at work. We love our fabulous picture wall of empowered women doing their thing. So send us the love, and go on girl, you got style!


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