Steel Boned Waist Cincher


  • Best breathable, mesh waist trainer on the market!
  • 100% cotton provides the most comfortable waist training experience yet
  • 3 strong hook design shrinks your waist up to two sizes instantly
  • Specialty designed Non-Pinch steel bones provides the structure you need with the best possible comfort
  • The breathable mesh, non pinch steel bones and 100% high quality cotton with 3 adjustable hooks provides the best and most comfortable waist training experience
  • UPC# 635797717291

The HrGlass Steel Bone Waist, Breathable Training Corset


2HrGlass Innovations presents the most comfortable, the most breathable, and sought after waist trainer on the market today! This corset will make you a success story in waist-training!

After our team did countless research, they set out on a quest to find the absolute perfect corset that truly trims the waist instantly. We demanded to provide the very best quality corset which lived up to the promise of giving a woman an hourglass figure. The corset has arrived. This waist training corset is an exclusive, with women lining up to get theirs.

Keep it real, keep it authentic!       

This corset remains with authentic corset construction such as the 4 spiral steel bones to keep it from rolling or misshaping the garment. It is 3 hooks and eyelet as required for quality corsets.


We have also paid attention to the delicate fabrics required in authentic corset waist trainers. Our HrGlass Steel bone Waist Training Corset is constructed on the inside of a comfortable cotton liner, with flexible and breathable elasticity mesh on the outside layer.

You want immediate results? Are you just craving that hourglass figure? Then, this is where you stop and shop!

Product Description

We could go on about the benefits of this special garment, but we want you to find out for yourself. Here is a quick list of our amazing and authentic star:

The HrGlass Steel Bone Waist Training Corset1

  • It is comfortable with a cotton liner and breathable mesh and provides you with an incredible shape using comfortable non pinch steel bones.
  • Most comfortable waist trainer
  • See the change in your shape immediately!
  • High Quality; Material: Inner layer: 100% Cotton; Outer layer: 90% Polyester  And 10% spandex
  • Height:25cm
  • This is under bust waist shaper, pushes the chest up
  • made of strong elasticity mesh and black lace in front
  • Closure with double hook and eye in front. (3 hook system)
  • 4 Spiral steel bones: flexible and durable, soft like plastic bones Internal flexible boning prevents the garment from rolling up or down
  • Makes every outfit look fabulous by offering amazing waist control
  • Comfortable to wear all day and improves your posture for an elegant look

Stick with the Professionals!

Many brands claim their waist trainers are the best. You really have to do some serious research to separate the good and the bad. There are always new products being release which claim to do miracle work, so rely on established corset websites to tell you the truth.  Believe it or not, there are actual creative development teams out there seeking to help women in the pursuit of great corset and waist training products. We want women healthy, and happy.

If you are ever unsatisfied, we will take care of the problem right away.

Welcome to HrGlass, where we believe in authentic garments for the authentic woman. We want to hear from you, send you comments, any tips, and of course, your before and after star shots of our fabulous waist trainer corsets!



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