Slim Down with This DIY Tummy Wrap

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25Body wrapping in spas and salons can cost quite a lot. As a result, many people have started experimenting with DIY wraps for weight loss. After all, the effectiveness of these products doesn’t depend on just how luxurious the bandage being used is. The outcome will be determined by the ingredients used.


There’s nothing complicated about making a DIY tummy wrap at home. If you choose the right slimming ingredients, you can temporarily lose a couple of inches from your waist. In addition, tummy wraps have a detoxifying effect. This means that the accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the belly can be prevented in the future.


So, what does it take to get started with DIY tummy wraps for weight loss? The following guide will acquaint you with all of the essentials.


The Right Technique is Very Important

Before moving on to the DIY tummy wrap recipe, it’s very important to understand the correct technique. By following all of the steps, you’ll see the desired results.


One of the simplest techniques is mixing the ingredients in hot water and allowing them to cool down. Rub the mix in your mid-section and wrap with cling film or plastic wrap. This step generates heat, which intensifies the detox/slimming effect of the wrap.


The next step is wrapping your mid-section tightly with bandages. They will hold the wrap in place and make it easier for the lymphatic fluid to be “squeezed” out from the empty spaces between the cells.


There’s an alternative approach. In the second scenario, you’ll have the bandages soaked in the beneficial ingredients. This is usually how salon and spa wraps are done. The infused bandages are wrapped around the body and covered with plastic on top. For an even better effect, it’s possible to use a thermal blanket.


Usually, a DIY tummy wrap should be kept on for at least 60 minutes. Some people keep their mid-section wrapped overnight, which gives them even more prominent results the next day.


The Recipe

The recipe you need to follow is really simple and it bears modifications.


The main ingredients are:


  • One cup of water
  • Two cups of bentonite clay or white clay
  • One cup of kelp powder
  • Sea salt or Epsom salt (it has exfoliating qualities)
  • Green tea or coffee (a stimulant that draws out liquids from the body and reduces the prominence of cellulite)
  • A few tablespoons of coconut oil, olive oil, avocado or jojoba oil
  • A few drops of an essential oil of preference


Pour the water in a stainless steel pan and bring it to slow boil. Add the clay and mix. You should get a thick, homogenous mixture. When all of the clay turns into a semi-liquid, take the pan off the heat. Add the kelp powder, the green tea or coffee and the other ingredients. Stir and let the mixture cool before soaking the bandages in it or applying directly to your body.


Keep in mind that when applying, you should either be in the bathroom or standing on a plastic ship. DIY tummy wrapping can get a bit messy. Once you’re wrapped, you can sit down or go out and enjoy the sun in the backyard. Relax and let all of the beneficial ingredients detoxify your body.


Is This Wrap Suitable for Everyone?

This DIY tummy wrap is considered generally safe for all healthy individuals. Keep in mind that the wrap draws liquids out of the body. As a result, it can have a dehydrating effect.


People that experience kidney problems should refrain from using such wraps. The dehydrating effect puts the kidneys under a lot of stress, which can cause serious issues in people that are already predisposed to renal problems.


Also, remember that a DIY tummy wrap shouldn’t be used in place of a good diet or regular exercise. The wrap delivers temporary results, if you want to look extra glamorous for a special occasion. The inches you’ve lost through wrapping will be gained back after you hydrate yourself. Using wrapping alongside exercise is the best way to get permanent results. You will feel fitter and healthier due to the positive impact of working out and the detoxifying effect of the body wrap.

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