What do Body Wraps do?

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24Body wrapping is becoming quite trendy among health and fitness enthusiasts. The promise of instant results lures many people into giving the option a try. What do body wraps do, however? Are they the right option for you? The answer will depend entirely on the individual goals that you’ve set for yourself.


Body Wraps for Weight Loss

The primary purpose of body wrapping is weight loss. This is how the product gets advertised in spas and salons. According to manufacturers, a body wrap can be used to almost instantly shed a few inches from the waist and the thigh areas.


The premise is quite simple.


Body wraps have a heating effect. They intensify sweating, which allows for the easier loss of water weight. In addition, many body wraps are enriched with ingredients like caffeine and green tea. These substances are diuretics and they make it even easier to lose water weight.


In essence, a body wrap doesn’t burn fat. It helps deliver temporary weight loss that can be expected to last for a day or two. Ladies that have a special event coming up and that want to boost their self-confidence opt for body wrapping. Since the results are immediate, the wrap can be used on the day of the event itself. Some ladies even report going down a dress size after an hour of having a tummy wrap on.


Body Wraps for Detox

As already mentioned, body wraps feature numerous beneficial ingredients. Some of these ingredients can help for more effective detoxification.


Bentonite clay is one of the most prominent components used for the purpose. This is the main reason why so many wraps on the market feature bentonite or white clay in their composition. Clay draws out toxins through the skin. It helps the body get rid on impurities in the most effective and natural way – through sweating.


Toxic buildup is one of the main reasons for the accumulation of liquid in the tummy area. The lymphatic fluid is the one that contains all of the toxins. This is a natural physiological mechanism that the body uses to “filter out” all of the impurities.


Detoxifying the organism through the use of body wraps prevents the future accumulation of liquid in the tummy. As a result, body wrapping can help prevent puffiness.


Skin Benefits

Depending on the range of ingredients included in the composition of body wraps, these can be used to make the skin tighter and a bit more youthful. What do body wraps do when it comes to skin health? A range of important goals can be accomplished through the use of these products.


Many body wraps are infused with collagen. Collagen is one of the essentials for maintaining skin youthfulness and preventing the appearance of wrinkles. The ingredients give the skin a tighter, denser and healthier appearance.


Tighter skin is also a prerequisite for the reduction of cellulite. Cellulite is nothing more than the accumulation of fat underneath the surface of the skin. If the skin is thin, the orange peel effect will be obvious. Ingredients like collagen, caffeine and seaweed strengthen the skin, making it smooth and beautiful.


Body wraps can also be used to reduce the prominence of stretch marks due to the very same reasons.


Finally, some of the brands contain soothing herbals and ingredients. These are ideal for the people that suffer from allergies and skin irritations. Depending on the components used, some body wraps can be used to overcome the nasty symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.


Choosing the Right Body Wrap is the Key to Success

Now that you have the answer to the question what do body wraps do, it’s time to focus on the selection of the right product.


Since body wraps are so popular, there are dozens of options to choose among. It’s very important to understand the differences between the ingredients. Do a bit of research to figure out which natural substances correspond to the specific problem that you’re trying to deal with.


Whatever you do, avoid products that contain synthetics and chemicals. Natural substances are all that you need to see the results and experience weight loss without side effects. Compare products side by side until you identify the formula and the price tag that you’re happiest with.

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