Does Wrapping Your Stomach Work – The Truth

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24Fast, easy and natural weight loss – it sounds too good to be true. Belly wraps promise precisely that. Infused with powerful botanicals, clays and weight loss substances, these are supposed to help you lose a couple of inches and enjoy tighter skin.


Does wrapping your stomach work? Are there any side effects and is the procedure suitable for everyone? Keep on reading to find out.


What is a Belly Wrap and What does it do?

Before answering the question does wrapping your stomach work, let’s first take a deeper look at the product used for the purpose.


A belly wrap is usually a piece of fabric or a belt that’s infused with beneficial ingredients. Usually, the product comes in the form of a piece of fabric and a separate package that features the powdered ingredients. These have to mixed in water, after which the wrap is soaked in them. The product is applied to the abdominal region. Depending on the type of belly wrap, it can be kept on for anywhere between one and eight hours. Applying heat (you can use a thermal blanked) speeds up the effectiveness and enhances the results.


Originally, belly wraps were offered in spas and salons. As time passed, many manufacturers began making such kits for DIY use. Many people also make their wraps from scratch, which gives them full control over the ingredients used.


What’s the Premise?

The premise is simple to understand.


As already mentioned, many wraps feature clays and herbals. These do a couple of things. For a start, the clay has a detoxifying effect. It extracts toxins from the skin and it also helps reduce the buildup of lymphatic fluid in the belly area. These two combined effects enable the loss of a few inches from the waist.


Some of the formulas are enriched with antioxidants, skin tightening ingredients and stimulating components. These make the skin firmer, reduce the prominence of cellulite and exfoliate the skin. A few wraps are enriched with soothing substances that aid eczema and psoriasis sufferers.


As you can see, the wraps can be used to accomplish more than one goal. In theory, it sounds great. In practice, things are probably a little bit different.


Do Wraps Work?

The most important thing to understand when wrapping your stomach is that the method doesn’t qualify as a permanent solution. Body wraps help for detoxification and the extraction of lymphatic fluid from the belly area. The result will be immediate – you’ll notice the change in your body immediately after taking the wrap off. The reduction in the waistline, however, is going to persist solely for a day or two.


Using body wraps should never replace a balanced diet and exercise. These are the only ways to lose weight and improve your fitness in the long run.


Wraps can be used whenever you need instant weight loss and skin tightening. You can use a belly wrap before going to the beach or attending a wedding. Wrapping your belly on the day of the big event will make it possible for you to go down a dress size and feel much more confident in the skin.


Are Abdominal Wraps Suitable for Everyone

Most healthy individuals can use belly wraps every now and then without experiencing problems. The premise of these products is simple to understand and they’re not going to cause serious, long-term harm.


If you want to be sure about your safety, talk to your physician before testing belly wraps. A doctor will tell you whether these products will be effective and if you have a medical condition that will prevent you from trying the method.


Two groups of people should refrain from attempting to lose weight via abdominal wrapping.


People who are prone to dehydration belong to the first group. Belly wrapping intensifies sweating and the loss of bodily fluid. If you’re already partially dehydrated, you may be jeopardizing your health. People that are suffering from kidney problems shouldn’t try body wrapping either.


In essence, wrapping your stomach can work and give you a few inches of loss in the waist area. The quality of the wrap and the ingredients that it’s infused with will both be imperative for getting results. Remember, however, that abdominal wrapping doesn’t contribute to long-term weight loss. The detox effect is a great one but don’t expect too much when it comes to getting fitter. Abdominal wrapping should be considered a quick fix that will give you a fitter body solely for a couple of days.

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